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Every now and then, things must change. In 2002, Cyric Naseth set out on a journey, leaving behind all that was familiar in order to both foster his growth as an individual and to better understand the nature of his existence. It so happens that during this time of transition, Micah Aspheth was also making a decision to break free from the prison that had grown around him and pervaded his very being. After a short time, the paths of these two travelers intersected, and they began to walk in stride.

The symbiosis between Micah and Cyric strengthened as 2003 arrived. Information and ideas flowed freely between the two, and as a result, a common purpose began to solidify and their creation began to take shape. It was evident, however, that some components were missing from the structure, key elements that would render the vision complete.

Though each day brings the vision closer to fruition, Marienkind has yet to reach its final configuration....
Marienkind is a Philadelphia-based darkwave band. Their music is a hybrid of metal and electronica, with hints of classical and world music. Marienkind is primarily a studio project, but they are looking to move forward into live situations and beyond. Therefore, Marienkind is looking for new members. Their first priority is a singer, male or female. We are also auditioning guitarists, keyboardists, bassists, and drummers (live or programmed). If any of these descriptions fit you or someone you know, don't hesitate to contact Marienkind at info@marienkind.com.