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Albert King ::   King of the blues guitar. Page, Clapton, SRV, and Hendrix worshipped this man as a god, and so do I. -Micah
Bill Withers ::   One of the best pure songwriters, Bill Withers is responsible for such classics as "Ain't No Sunshine," "Grandma's Hands," and "Use Me." He is best known, however, for "Lean On Me." -Micah
Billy Idol ::   No explanation needed. -Micah
Black Sabbath ::   The direct fathers of metal. Black Sabbath broke ground for a new form of musical expression. -Micah
Chris Whitley ::   A blues singer/songwriter who tried something new on his album "Rockethouse." I never thought I'd enjoy a dobro based electronic album so much. -Cyric
The Crystal Method ::   Both musicians and producers, The Crystal Method showed me that it was possible to make professional-grade electronic music out of a home studio. That, and I like their style. -Cyric
Danny Elfman ::   From Oingo Boingo to the theme for "The Simpsons," Danny Elfman is one of the top composers for the big and small screens. -Micah
Danzig ::   Glenn Danzig has been around forever and has influenced millions. Asar Un Nefer!. -Micah
David Bowie ::   "Ziggy Stardust," "Outside." Do I need to say more? -Micah
Dino Cazares ::   The founder of Fear Factory and my biggest metal-guitar influence. He pulls off an extremely tight and aggressive playing style while still managing to keep the musicality in Fear Factory's songs. -Cyric
The Doors ::    
Dr Dre ::   One of the best producers ever, in any genre of music. Dre pioneered gangsta rap in the late 1980's with NWA. 1992's "The Chronic" was an instant classic, introducing the world to Snoop Dogg. Dre also helped a young Eminem to stardom. -Micah
Fear Factory ::   Because hearing the song Zero-Signal for the first time started me down this path. The new stuff without Dino is still okay, but I definitely prefer the old. -Cyric
Garbage ::   Butch Vig's visionary band. One of the first mainstream rock groups to use computer sequencing to write and record songs. -Micah
Iron Maiden ::   Opera and metal? Sounds like a bad idea, yet, Iron Maiden made it happen. -Micah
James Brown ::    
Jimi Hendrix ::    
John Williams ::   All of the music for each Star Wars movie was composed by John Williams. I think that the success of the movies had much to do with his iconic themes. -Micah
Massive Attack ::   By far, they make the best dark and emotional electronic music that I've ever heard--the quality is unparalleled. At the very least, if you've never heard the album "Mezzanine" then pick up a copy. -Cyric
Moby ::   As I was musically coming of age, Moby was one of the few artists I knew of who, besides making great electronic music, successfully blended his punk-guitar playing skills with that music. - Cyric
Monster Magnet ::   Most people know Magnet from "Space Lord," and that's how I discovered them. If you pick up no other CDs in your life, make sure to pick up "Superjudge" and "Dopes to Infinity." You will not regret it. -Micah
Nine Inch Nails ::   In short, I want to be Trent Reznor when I grow up. -Cyric
Orbital ::   Another of my electronic music influences. Listen to the song Halcyon + on + on. -Cyric
Parliament Funkadelic ::    
Peter Gabriel ::   "So" and "Us" are two of my favorite records. Peter combines modern synthesizers with world music to great effect. -Micah
Pink Floyd ::    
Pitchshifter ::   Pitchshifter made me a believer in combining metal with computer sequencing. Others have imitated their technique, but nobody has even come close to paralleling their signature sound. - Cyric
Prince ::    
Prodigy ::   Because “The Fat of the Land” put everything into perspective. I realized how little I knew and how good I was not. - Cyric
Public Enemy ::    
Queensryche ::   Prog-metal from Seattle. They are best known for Silent Lucidity from 1990's "Empire." "Rage for Order" and "Operation: Mindcrime" are classics. -Micah
Rakim ::   The prototype for the modern MC. Rakim was one of the first rappers to use complex rhyme schemes and introspective lyics in his raps. -Micah
Rammstein ::   Electronic metal at it's most operatic and triumphant. This is how it should be done. -Cyric
Rhys Fulber ::   Because he keeps me in check by reminding me that I know nothing about writing electronic music. -Cyric
Sade ::   Jazzy, proto trip-hop. -Micah
Slayer ::   "Seasons in the Abyss." -Micah
Smashing Pumpkins ::    
Sneaker Pimps ::   Their musical style aside, these guys simply write great songs. I recommend their entire catalog, which has gotten better and better with each release. -Cyric
Stone Temple Pilots ::   When "Core" was released, many called STP a rip off of Pearl Jam. I think that "Purple" smashed that preconception. -Micah
Timbaland ::   Timbaland uses a cross of drum and bass and bizarre synth sounds. He produces for Missy Elliot, Aaliyah, and Jay-Z, among others. -Micah
Turbovulva ::   Turbovulva is writing the most relevant music today. Period. -Micah
Ultraspank ::   Metal with electronic elements interspersed here and there. Though no longer together, I feel that they were, and still are, underappreciated considering the success of similar bands. -Cyric
VAST ::   John Crosby's one-man electronic rock project. He's reached a very DIY point in his career and he's doing his part to change the music industry by succeeding without a major label. -Cyric
White Zombie ::   Let's make a clear distinction between White Zombie and Rob Zombie. White Zombie is better. -Micah
XTC ::   A pop/rock band from Britain. -Micah