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Friends     Supporters of Marienkind
Anubtec Costumers ::   Master Jon Bowles, Clothing Designer
TCP Eclectic Radio ::   SigilCor Studio's Eclectic Online Radio Station
Maria V ::   NY based darkwave. Wonderful voice.
Julieanne Dous ::   Singer/songwriter, pianist
Local Links     Representing Philadelphia
Brainclaw ::   Philadelphia Based Darkwave and Industrial
Origivation ::   Philadelphia's Independent Music Magazine
Philly Goth ::   Philadelphia's Gothic Community
Philly Music ::   Philadelphia's Musician Forums
Educational Links     Learn Something
Actionscript.org ::   Macromedia Flash Tutorials Focusing on Actionscript
CaseModGod ::   PC Case Modifications
Hardware Analysis ::   PC Hardware Forum
Kaoss.org ::   Chaos Theory and Magick
Kirupa.com ::   Macromedia Flash Tutorials
Loggia.com ::   Classical Mythology
Mystae.com ::   Articles on Mythology and the Occult
Occultopedia ::   An Encyclopedia of the Occult, Science, and Knowledge
Phong.com ::   Photoshop and Flash Tutorials
Rendorosity ::   A 3D Design Community
Sacred-Texts ::   The Internet Sacred Text Archive
The Mystica ::   Worldwide Encyclopedia of the Occult and the Unexplained
Music Links     Related to Music and the Industry
Computer Music Magazine ::   A Magazine Geared Towards Computer-Based Music Production
E-Musician ::   A Magazine for Electronic Musicians
Harmony Central ::   Articles for Musicians, Product Reviews, Guitar Tabs, and Forums
Moving Hands Music Magazine ::   Electro, Alternative, Indie,EBM, Industrial
Musicians Archive ::   Articles for Musicians
Pro-Rec ::   Recording Tips and Techniques
Entertainment Links     Entertain Yourself
Cenobite ::   Hellraiser Fansite
Dead Dreamer ::   Long Live the New Flesh
The Encyclopedia of Arda ::   The Encyclopedia of Tolkien's Middle Earth
Monocrafts ::   Yugo Nakamura, Master of Advanced Macromedia Flash Theory
Monstrous.com ::   The Bestiary