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We've added a new section to the site called "From the Mouth of Micah". Check out the first issue in which Micah makes some unfounded accusations against the music business.


We've recently had the opportunity to remix the Bombs Into You song Move Me. The Marienkind version can be found on our new Remixes page.


"We Live! We Live Still!"

After a few months of being overwhelmed with personal bullshit, we just wanted to let you all know that we are still very much alive, though somewhat worse for the wear, and back on track for our very first full-length disc, tentatively titled "We Who Were Punished." Here's a partial tracklist, in no particular order, with working titles denoted by an asterisk(*).

01. We Fell Into Madness
02. The Ending of All Things
03. Lethe
04. Embedded
05. In the Clutch of Oblivion
06. Hammer(*)
07. Coiled(*)
08. Battery(*)
09. Mastermold 2.0
10. The Fear Mongers
11. Circumspect(*)
12. Seven
13. Eve.Angel.Lies.

There are a lot of crazy things happening in the world today, especially here in the USA. On "We Who Were Punished," we comment on some of those crazy things, namely, religious fanatacism, conspicuous consumption, corporate greed, political impotence, and of course, the Apocalypse. But don't worry, we won't preach.

Until next time.


An updated version of Lethe, a track which will be included on our forthcoming album, is now available in the DEMOnstrative area of the site.


A new track, titled "Mastermold" is now available in the member's area of the site. Check it out and let us know what you think!


Marienkind will be making their debut performance at the 2005 Philadelphia Electronic Music and Art Festival on Sunday, October 2nd at 6:00 PM. The three-day event will be held at The Rotunda on the University of Pennsylvania campus and will be free for all ages, though the organizers will be collecting donations for the victims of hurricane Katrina. More details about the festival are available here: http://www.pemafestival.fkon.com/

PEMAF 2005
The Rotunda
4014 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104


Marienkind is now listed on www.hellwire.com. We aren't above asking you to vote for us if you like our music--so if you want to help us rate on the Hellwire charts, then go now! Vote Here


At long last, Marienkind announces the official release of Precursor, a five-song EP available for free download from this website. While it is safe to say that after countless hours of mixing and mastering, neither of us want to hear these songs ever again, we are proud of them and we sincerely hope that you enjoy them. The mp3s previously available from this site are now only accessible to members of our mailing list, so if you haven't heard them or if you need to download them again, you can sign up here. Finally, some of you may notice that we've retired our old Flash-based website. Due to the nature of Flash, it was getting to be too much work to update that site in parallel with the HTML site, so we hope that nobody is going to miss it too much.


We are in the middle of changing servers. It has gone well so far, except for one little thing: no e-mail. For the next few days, none of our e-mail accounts will be working. We should be resuming business as usual by the end of the week.
On another note, some of you have asked about Precursor. Simple questions, like "What songs? and "When?" "When" is February 1, 2005. "What songs" is a little more difficult. Definites are two songs you know, "Drone" and "Watch." They will be fresh new versions, with little tweaks and large changes. Three will be songs you haven't heard. So far, we've only decided on one, called "The Warmth of the Sun." The other two are still up in the air. We just can't decide. It may well come down to thumb-wrestling and scissors/paper/stone.
Until next time...


After much consideration, Marienkind has decided to part ways with pianist Julieanne Dous. Our differences aside, the fact remains that she's a talented singer/songwriter and we wish her success in all of her future endeavors.
In other news, work continues on the "Precursor" EP in the form of song selection and refinement. It's going well, and we've also been putting some time into thinking about how we're going to handle promotion, so more details will be posted when our ideas reach a higher level of maturity.


We have sent out our first update to the Marienkind Mailing List.
For those of you who have yet to sign up, past issues can be viewed in our Archive.


Welcome to the latest build of www.MARIENKIND.com.
Along with the standard cosmetic changes, we've also made some content changes. We've uploaded a new version of 'Drone,' and we've also uplaoded our first song with Julieanne, called 'Reflection with a Different Hue.' It's different, but we hope you'll like it.
We're still looking for a singer, so if you sing, or if you know anyone who sings, help us out, and let yourself be known.
Even without a dedicated singer, we are not without means. Marienkind will be releasing it's first EP, "Precursor" before the end of January 2005. It will be available from our website in the mp3 format, absolutely free. That's right, absolutely free. We'll also be pressing a limited number of CDRs for reviewers and such. If you would like one of these CDR's, drop us an e-mail at info@marienkind.com
Before I forget, thanks to all of you who have joined our mailing list. The inaugural edition comes out Monday, November 1. Sorry for the wait.

September 8, 2004
Greetings all. There are no major updates, we just wanted to let you know that you have not been forgotten. We've been working hard, writing new songs, and integrating Julieanne into the project. We're still looking for a singer, so in the meantime, you'll hear the vocal stylings of Micah and Julieanne. We're also trying to get Cyric to step up to the mic, and eventually, we'll post his debut track, "The Warm Embrace." Ah, Necessity, truly the mother of invention. Also, a new site is in the works. Come to think of it, two sites: One for you broadband types, and one for you narrowbanders. Hopefully, we'll have those up by the middle of October. Also, we'll be sending out the long awaited inaugural version of the Marienkind mailing list. Yeah, sometimes things take awhile, but we get them done eventually. So until then....

June 20, 2004
Welcome to the new Marienkind.com. Actually, it's not really new, more like remodeled. Some things are gone, others streamlined, and there are some new things.
New Thing Number One: Marienkind and Ravenous Blue have decided to part ways. Marienkind wishes her the best of luck in her future endeavors. As such, we are looking for a new singer. If you live in Philadephia, or its surrounding areas, and you sing, drop us an e-mail at info@marienkind.com.
New Thing Number Two: New songs have been added, and instrumentals for the old songs will be replacing the old songs.
New Thing Number Three: We have had requests to add a message board to our site. We're working on it, in the meantime, we've started a mailing list. If you missed it, it's on the front page, right under the "Enter" button. If you get on our mailing list, we'll e-mail you lots of useless junk. I KNOW you want useless junk mail sent to you on a monthly basis, so join up.
New Thing Number Four: The most important of new things, Marienkind welcomes pianist/singer/songwriter Julieanne Dous into our cult. We are sure Miss Dous will add a new dimension to our music.
We would like to thank all of you who have come by the site to listen to our music. We hope to have your continued support through these changing times. Keep the e-mails coming, we are interested in what you think, good or bad.