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The Calm of December
In Splendor and In Flame
The Warmth Of The Sun

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Welcome to the PRECURSOR EP, the first official release from Marienkind. Though we've only chosen five songs to include on this EP, they are truly representative of the time that we've been together. How so? Some of these songs are direct results of our very first collaborative efforts, while others have been completed specifically for this EP. Our goal is to give the listener a sense of where we started and a taste of where we plan on going with our original compositions. In the end, however, we only hope that the songs are enjoyed by those who hear them.

Using the left menu, you will be able to access five songs. Each is available in mp3 format at three bitrates. There is also an option to stream at the three bitrates. Lyrics will be provided where applicable. Drop us an e-mail and please let us know what you think.