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It may have been a long wait, but here, at last, is the inaugural edition of the Marienkind mailing list. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all for taking a minute to add yourselves to the list and for showing us your support throughout this past year-your words of encouragement mean everything, so please keep the emails coming.

+Marienkind+ Mailing List Entry # 1

Marienkind is not a traditional band in that we have no plans to perform live in the immediate future. We don't get together in order to practice our songs and we don't even have the traditional roles of guitarist, vocalist, bassist, etc. in the collective. Rather, we focus our efforts on the composition and recording of original music, and eventually, we hope to have a full length CD available for our fans. In the meantime, however, we are faced with the challenges of both keeping those fans and obtaining new ones.

In 2003, we started using services such as IUMA.com and Soundclick.com in order to post rough mp3's of our songs, the motivating factor being that we needed a place to showcase our music to prospective members of the band. To our surprise, quite a few people happened to find us at these sites and we gained some fans without really trying. Based on that response, we purchased a domain and launched www.marienkind.com so that we could directly control the look and feel of our corner of the World Wide Web. However, as we were still looking for additional members, the website remained primarily geared towards recruitment. Though we're still looking for a dedicated vocalist, the focus of our website is now starting to shift.

All of the mp3's currently available on our site are snapshots of what are essentially works-in-progress. While we've yet to post any completed tracks, we've been hard at work, and you can expect our first EP, titled "Precursor," to be available for free download towards the end of January 2005. We'll also be pressing a limited number of CD-Rs to be sent out to reviewers. If you're a reviewer and you would like one of these CD-Rs, drop us an e-mail at info@marienkind.com

Finally, as a bonus to those of you who have joined the mailing list, we will soon be posting new tracks for your exclusive download. Details are forthcoming.

Until next time. . . .