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+Marienkind+ Mailing List Entry # 2

Well, we've been promising it for quite some time, and now we can officially announce the release of Precursor, a downloadable EP available from www.marienkind.com. Two of the songs, "Drone" and "Watch," were previously available from our site in rougher versions, but we've finally done some additional work and refined them along with three brand-new tracks. Please feel free to stream or download them here -- we hope that you like them.

Some of you may notice that we have implemented a password-protected portion of the website. This is basically an exclusive area of the site that is strictly available to the members of our mailing list. At present, if you check it out you'll only find the mp3s that we had previously posted on the site, but our aim is to start providing more exclusive content to our mailing list members--such as mp3s of songs we're currently working on or maybe some remixes. We'll mark the posting of new content with another mailing list entry, but in the meantime, you can all access the site if you want to download any of our old material. The password is: ********

As mentioned last time, we're still actively searching for additional members--primarily a vocalist. Unfortunately, we've been looking for quite some time, and as a result we've gotten tired of just sitting on our material while we waited for the right person. For that reason, Micah has stepped up and taken over vocal duties for the Precursor EP. Whether he continues in that role depends on the reaction we get, but we figure that there are only two possible outcomes: either you'll love what he does and you'll let us know, or you'll think you can do better and you'll audition for the band. Maybe that's wishful thinking, but we're just two really positive guys (just in case our lyrics haven't conveyed that effectively).

Lastly, we also mentioned in the previous installment that we'll be pressing a limited number of CD-Rs to be sent out to reviewers. That offer still stands, so if you're a reviewer and you would like one of the CD-Rs, drop us an e-mail at info@marienkind.com

Until next time. . . .