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+Marienkind+ Mailing List Entry # 4

Greetings, all. To start, we hope you aren't angry. We've been pretty quiet since February when we released Precursor, but we definitely haven't forgotten about you. For many of you who've signed up to the list in the past few months, this is the first contact you've had from us, and for that we apologize. Many things are always going on behind the scenes in Marienkind; but truth be told, not much of it has been interesting enough to report as of late.

So, why are we breaking the silence now? Well, because many of the different activities that we partake in have an overriding purpose-- they intersect with each other; therefore, it's difficult to explain just one aspect without the others. To make things simple, let's just start at the beginning....

In February 2005, as you all know, we released our free, 5-song EP, titled 'Precursor.' To follow suit, we've started focusing on the next logical step in Marienkind's progression. Therefore, in late 2006, you can expect the unveiling of "We Who Were Punished," our first full-length release. Exact details are still up in the air, and a year is a long time to make you wait, so we'll be offering up random songs at random intervals throughout the remainder of 2005 and 2006 for your listening pleasure. To kick off the effort, the first of these songs will be "Mastermold," a song about freedom, those who would give theirs, and those who would take it. It's only available for download in the member's area, although it will stream from www.myspace.com/marienkind if that's your preferred medium. For downloaders, the password to the member's area is: ******.

Next up, those of you who live in Philadelphia, PA and the surrounding region have the opportunity to experience "Mastermold" performed live, along with the songs of the Precursor EP and some surprises, at this years Philadelphia Electronic Music and Art Festival (PEMAF). That's right, were taking our show on the road, at least for one night. PEMAF 2005 takes place at the University of Pennsylvania's Rotunda down on 40th and Walnut. It's a three day event, from September 30 to October 2, it's all ages, and it's free. We'll be playing on 10/2 at 6pm. For more information, head to the PEMAF site, www.pemafestival.fkon.com/.

Finally, in an effort to do something a little different for our very first performance, we've built something...interesting. We're still in the finishing stages, so we can't say too much about it, but we will say that it's a prototype for something that will allow us to avoid having laptop computers and/or tape machines onstage. At some point in October, we'll be posting pictures and some video, so be on the lookout for it.

Until then,